New England Steam Corporation is an all-volunteer nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. We depend entirely on donations and grants from sponsors and individuals who support our cause. The donation we need the most, of course, is money. The project will require over $1M in restoration funding.

Every dollar counts! Click the "donate" button below to send a monetary donation to our cause. Remember to also join NESCo, as your membership fee will also be put towards #470's restoration.

In addition to money, we accept almost any kind of donation that can be used to fund the restoration of our fine steam locomotives. We will also consider accepting donations of items, such as tools and machinery, safety equipment, or parts and materials for the equipment we restore.

We will also need manpower. If you are interested in participating in the restoration, or maintenance of our equipment, we will add your contact information to our volunteer pool. These jobs can be one of many different roles, ranging from machinists to office workers and everything in between. Working on these giants is fulfilling work that can create great friendships and foster community pride in our projects. Everyone benefits, especially the locomotive!

Click here to join our organization, and we'll schedule you for the initial safety class when the restoration is scheduled to begin. All members must attend our safety class before working on any project with NESCo. Insurance regulations require membership before working on the locomotive.