Supporters and Donors

NESCo's donations have come both in cash and services. Funding supporters have included The Samuel Freeman Foundation, The Mystic Valley Railway Society, The Deupree Foundation, and the Jacobs Family Foundation. Donation of services and services at cost include Casco Bay Trucking, Keeley Crane Services, and Cianbro Corporation. Continuing participation from Governor's Restaurants and Darlings Automotive as well as local small businesses regularly inject funds to help us with our work. Donation of materials have come from several resource companies, notably Penobscot Energy Recovery Corporation, A.C. Electric Corporation and several of their business associates, as well as several companies who have requested we keep their participation private.

NESCo Corporate Supporters

Below, we'd like to recognize some of NESCo's earliest donors that helped the whole project get off the ground in 2013.

2013 NESCo Wall of Honor 

  • Andrew Dick 
  • Marilyn Wheeler 
  • Geoff Quadland 
  • Willys Mowing Service 
  • Russell Fellows 
  • Richard Clemence 
  • Lyle Schrecongost 
  • John McNamara 
  • David Larrabee 
  • Howard Pincus 
  • Ben from San Diego 
  • Paul Hubbard
  • William and Elizabeth McDonald
  • The Clark Family (in memory of George Clark)

2013 NESCo Helpful Donors 

  • Cale Leiphart 
  • Jesse Dorn 
  • Anonymous 
  • Jacob Hardy 
  • Michael Violette 
  • John Kilbride 
  • Peter Witt 
  • Jeff Lisowski 
  • Jonathan White 
  • Michael Fox 
  • Brian Hiscock