NESCo Signs Contract with Waterville

The contract to purchase Maine Central steam locomotive #470 from the City of Waterville, Maine, has been signed by NESCo President Dick Glueck. The donations made to date have been a wonderful source of inspiration, and put us solidly on the road to restoration. We have two years from this date to secure funding to purchase and move the locomotive. If you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so in the remainder of 2013. We have been gifted locomotive parts, hardware, and collectibles for fundraising as well. Remember, everything goes to the locomotive, not to the administration. New England Steam is a corporation, but this is your locomotive. We have a goal of $110,000 for this first phase. Encourage your Facebook friends to spread the word and donate as well. Don't forget our Indiegogo campaign!

2013-12-18_470 contract c.JPG