Waterville Votes to Sell #470 to NESCo

On Tuesday, December 3rd, the Waterville City Council voted to sell Maine Central #470 to New England Steam Corporation.

I hesitate to say, "the good guys won", but this is the best chance the old locomotive has had in 60 years. We will be signing a contract with the City sometime in the next week. The contract calls for sale of the locomotive, payment within two years, and an additional year in which to move it.

I want to first say, "thank you" to all of you who wrote emails to the councilors. They were mentioned during discussion. If you ever wondered there value, allow me to say, "Yes, emails make a difference" - at least they did two nights ago.

Of course, with a turn in the batter's box, it is absolutely essential we make it round to home plate. We're not counting on home runs with which to accomplish this. Base hits will get us there, and we won't reject bases on walks either. Metaphorically, I'm trying to state that a single big donor would be welcomed, cheered, and applauded. I think it's far more practical to count on many players coming to bat and doing their best to come out ahead.

All cash donations are welcome, but so are tools, parts, or memorabilia regarding 470 and her "late sisters". Corporations, private companies, or any organizations wishing to help us reach our goal, please contact us directly.

Help us make a real Cinderella story for 470, producing real cinders! The real work begins now. Please read my article in the Morning Sentinel about NESCo's plans for 470.

-Richard Glueck, NESCo President