News Update

The "470 Club" has graciously allowed New England Steam Corporation to scan over 200 individual image negatives of locomotive #470, from their historic library.  These, with inclusion of the privately own images donated to NESCo, comprise the single largest collection of photographic documentation of Maine Central steam locomotive #470.  NESCo has been granted permission to use the images to benefit the restoration of the locomotive, including publishing them with credit to the collection of the 470 Club.  We may not sell the images as fund raising items.  If you see an image credited to the 470 Club, you may purchase it by contacting them directly.  From NESCo's perspective, these photographs and negatives are priceless, covering all periods from arrival on the Maine Central, to placing the locomotive on display while still under steam.  

Documentation of #470 is essential to the restoration process.  If you have any original drawings, blue prints, snapshots, negatives, or slides, of Maine Central #469 or #470, we would like to acquire them, either for copying or archiving.  

As we get closer to purchase of the locomotive, we continue to seek hardware donations.  An original Maine Central passenger whistle, replacement marker and classification lights, headlight and tender light, are all being sought.  Please contact us if you are able to help provide these locomotive essentials (   

National Train Day is May 10th!  Please visit exhibitors at the Airport Mall in Bangor, Brunswick station in Brunswick, and the Portland Station in Portland!  NESCo will have representatives at Bangor and Brunswick!  We are anxious to greet old friends and meet new supporters.