Donation from Altoona

New England Steam has received a number of gifts from steam locomotive preservationists and railroad historians, but one especially gratifying donation came this week from the "Horseshoe Curve Chapter N.R.H.S."

NESCo's President was taking a break from the #470 project by visiting, where else, but Horseshoe Curve, the Railroaders Museum of Altoona, the Strasburg Railroad, and several live steam railroad clubs.  Quite coincidentally, he chanced to meet members of the N.R.H.S. group, leaving their monthly meeting at the Railroader's Museum, in Altoona.  After a warm invitation to join the group at a local restaurant, NESCo brochures were distributed to the diners. With a quorum of voting members present, it was decided to support the salvation of Maine Central #470 with a donation of $500!  Talk about the "Brotherhood (and sisterhood) of Railroaders"!  This thoughtful gesture of support shows a recognition of the importance and immediacy of railroad preservation, no matter where it is being attempted.  Certainly the people of this Altoona chapter could have focused exclusively on their own backyard, their own projects.  Instead, in recognition of the need, the "Horseshoe Curve Chapter N.R.H.S." set the bar higher and showed faith in the #470 project.

New England Steam Corporation wishes to acknowledge this gift, and thank the chapter membership.  In time, New England Steam Corporation will emulate your generosity.