#470 Work Session 9/24/2014

Several NESCo members turned out on the evening of September 24th to lubricate #470 and check her journals.  ABC Network affiliate reporter Karina Bolster spent about 90 minutes with us.  She did a great job interviewing, and learning as much as she could about the locomotive.   Some photos are included here to show the interview process and the results of the inspection.  Overall, the journals are far cleaner than we had hoped for.  The tops of the axles are smooth, oil basted, and nearly ready to roll once more.  The sides are rusted, but not nearly as badly as we feared.  Some Scotch-Bright on a paddle will clean the surfaces nicely. NESCo member Bob DeWachter came equipped with surplus ATF, once used to test radar equipment and perfect for our needs.  When we convene again, it will likely be journal polishing time, then repacking and making certain the oil covered all surfaces.  We were able to address all but two tender journals.  The booster journals received a dousing of oil and acetone, but would not release.  These journals had been full of rain water for a long time before we drained them, so this was not surprising.  Lots of new surfaces got lubed this time out.  Bob DeWachter is tall enough to get those surfaces the rest of us can't easily reach!

Dinner was provided by Governor's Restaurant, as part of their marvelous, continuing support.

The news article and video is available here: http://www.foxbangor.com/news/local-news/6547-preliminary-maintenance-underway-for-historic-restoration.html