Maine Central 470 in HO Scale

A year ago at the Amherst Train ShowBroadway Limited Imports President Joe Grubba, in cooperation with Factory Direct Trains, of Arden, NC, donated one of their USRA 4-6-2 models to be rebuilt as an accurate representation of Maine Central 470. Shortly afterward, a stock model of Erie 2922 arrived and was handed over to NESCo's webmaster, Rudy Garbely, for the reconstruction.

Rudy's HO scale models are incredibly detailed, and easily mistaken for the prototypes upon which they are based. Over the year, an accurate model of 470 began to emerge, starting with the replacement of the tender body and trucks, then moving forward with inclusion of a Delta truck with booster, replacement of the stock cab, and relocation of many small but necessary fittings. With the inclusion of a set of Maine Central speed lettering decals, donated by Highball Graphics, we now have the most accurate DCC-equipped HO scale representation of NESCo's pride and joy, just in time for the 2015 Amherst Train Show. Details of the complete rebuild will emerge in a detailed article later on.

At Amherst this year, please drop by New England Steam's booth to see this superb model locomotive.

Once again, thank you to Broadway Limited ImportsFactory Direct Trains, and Highball Graphics for your generosity and donations. Thank you Rudy Garbely, for using your artistic skills to create something wonderfully unique.