Drawbar Progress

2015-08-13_(Aug 13 2015 10-17 AM)NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D1H(2000x1312)2918474 copy.jpeg

Photo by Jessie Drezner, "Hot Shots", of San Pedro, California. From Left to Right, volunteers Al Jenkins, Paul van Steenberghe, Ron Jenkins, and Richard Glueck, at the end of a particularly hot and humid August work day. The team has been working on freeing up the drawbars and tender connecting pin under 470. After four weeks of intense work, it has been determined that corrosion between the drawbar pin and the tender frame casting will require sacrificing the pin, but sparing the two drawbars. Once this is accomplished, the tender can be rolled back and removed. Ms. Drezner spotted the crew working while on a photo tour of Maine and took over a hundred original photos of her own, while interviewing the members of the work crew.