470 Move Work List 2/16/2016

Indicates completed.
Indicates partially completed or in process.


1. Clean up tender journals and brasses
2. Disconnect tender truck safety chains
3. Disconnect tender brake rigging
4. Remove buffer wedge
5. Remove drawbar pin
6. Disconnect stoker
7. Move tender back to allow separation

8. Cut slope in coal bunker for height clearance


1. Clean cinders out of smokebox 
2. Remove bolts from cylinder saddle
3. Remove bolts from 1st waist bearer
4. Remove bolts from front furnace bearer
5. Remove bolts from rear furnace bearer
6. Make locating plates for rear furnace bearer
7. Remove headlight
8. Remove generator
9. Remove safety valves
10. Remove smokebox netting

11. Disconnect reverse gear to valve gear link
12. Disconnect air lines between boiler and frame
13. Disconnect lubricator lines between boiler and frame
14. Make support brackets for ashpan
15. Remove corner pieces from ashpan

Prepare Cab for Removal

1. Label all valves on backhead and photograph
2. Disconnect valve connections from main turret
3. Remove shaft connecting reverse quadrant to reverse gear
4. Label, photograph and remove pipe from turret to feedwater control valve
5. Label, photograph and remove pipe from stoker engine control underneath cab

After Asbestos is Abated

1. Remove admission pipes
2. Feedwater heater pipes
3. Booster piping
4. Air pump
5. Feedwater heater pump