7/26/16 Work Session

An extremely productive day at the locomotive. Myron was able to save the furnace bearer plate in its entirety by burning out individual bolts. While the steel plate will be replaced, it is intact so a perfect copy can be made. This process involved work inside and outside the firebox. Myron was aided with help from Coll and our newest work crew member, James Noblini, a summer visitor from Massachusetts. James is not of an age where he can work directly on the locomotive, but he's policed a great deal of metal scraps from the surrounding area, and is a great tool handler. We're glad to have such a dedicated teen in our work force.

Using a jack and tools handed up to him by James, Myron was able to safely remove the stoker bearer casting, freeing the bearer plate from under.

Ron, Dick and James were able to safely remove the tender step castings from the tender frame, and get them labeled for storage. Not light work.

The CMO, concerned about overhead wire clearances above the tender, requested we cut down the coal slide. This was done carefully and placed inside the coal bunker for the move to Washington Junction. 

Another guest "torch man", John Webster, helped Myron and Ron with cutting the bolts which hold the cylinder steam delivery pipe collars.