What's Next?

What's next for New England Steam Corporation and 470? We're taking a short break after three years of regular and intense labor to prep and move the 470. In a few weeks we'll start again. The drive rods must come off so 470 can easily be moved from Track 7. We wish to install a service and drop pit then reinstall the rail. After the pit goes in, the land will be graded and the Arch-Tarp shop building will be installed. Of course we would like to have this completed by year's end, however "we move at the speed of money."  Starting this fall, the tender trucks will be removed, disassembled, cleaned, checked for any issues, primed, painted, greased, and completed. The tender frame will be stripped of old paint, and like the trucks, completely renewed. That leaves the tender tank and coal bunker. This requires a complete replacement, although original handrails, grab irons, doors, and stoker motor will be reapplied. The tender is a big ticket item, and this is where your club or historical organization can play a significant role by donating funds specifically to the tender fund. This is major accomplishment on which we can get together and complete before 2018. Please consider making this your individual or group's charitable donation project. 

Maine Central 470 is in open view at Washington Junction yard, easily seen and photographed from the Downeast Rail Trail parking facility. If you are planning a trip to Mount Desert Island, please stop by the Downeast Scenic Railroad, ride the train and say "hello" to your locomotive, "The Mascot of Maine."