Post-Springfield Updates

Check out a wonderful newspaper article in the South Portland Sentry!

At the Springfield Amherst Railroad Club show we met and greeted thousands of supporters, donors and well wishers from as far away as California, New Mexico, and Florida! Thank you to everyone who rang #470's refinished bell and stuffed the bottle with dollars and coins! You told us how much the restoration of this one locomotive means to you as historians, preservationists, and railfans. Your wonderful ideas and suggestions just keep us pumped about bringing #470 to safe harbor in the next two years. Thanks also to the many businesses and historical societies who offered to link our website to their own. Let us add your supporting website url to ours. 

We are ordering more "Keep Calm and Steam On" tee shirts, including more in the XXL and XXXL sizes. If you missed out on the shirt of your size, please place your order through this website.

Thank you, John Spargo, of the AT&SF #2926 project for spending your time talking to us about your safety program and organization. The #2926 people have been supporters since the beginning of our crusade.

A wonderful gift arrived from Daniel Troy Photography, of Hulmeville, Pennsylvania, in the form of original poster prints for the NESCo board, of CNR #3254, in Christmas mode, at Steamtown. These are beautiful, skillfully composed shots of a winter "steam in the snow" scene, which was once a common event in America. A rare thing today, it reminds us of another reason to rebuild and operate MEC #470! Thank you, Daniel.

Last, but not least, the owner of American Locomotive Work plate #65554, Maine Central #469's plate, shared it with us to photograph and make rubbings from. This will be the model from which #470's new plates will be made. #469 was #470's sister from the same order, but a significantly different locomotive in detail. A photo of #469, donated to NESCo at the show by Kevin Farrell of Train Books, reveals that #469's plate was cracked when shop people tried to bolt it into position over a new steam delivery pipe flange. #470's builders plates were removed before the end of service, probably during the installation of her Coffin feedwater heater.

2014-01-27_Amherst Train Show 017.JPG

Be certain to mark April 12th on your calendar for "Touch-a-Train" at the Rockland roundhouse of the Maine Eastern Railroad. Remember, the Owls Head Transportation Museum will also be hosting an open house on the 12th.