Work Day 8/17/19

Bob, Jim Armstrong, and Dick removed and stowed the right piston valve. The valve casing had a blob something from your worst Rod Serling nightmares existing inside. Wes Kauppila cleaned the glob out and saved humanity.

I don't mention Roger Bennati enough to praise the work he does, sometimes with assistance from a partner, to scale and clean the tender trucks and wheels. Here's a photo of Roger at work. Note the journal ends of these trucks. Some turning may be required, but these are excellent. I want to mention NAPA Auto Parts of Ellsworth, who has donated not only a case of spray lubricant, but today, a case of brake cleaner. Roger went to work with some of the latter as soon as it was received.

Hanna Brooks arrived with her typical power-house energy, and immediately took charge of the right crosshead guides. When she finished, the crosshead itself literally glided across the steel guides. This is good news for everything that needs to work on the locomotive.

Jim Armsrong and Dick Glueck power washed the tender truck springs, as well as the pony truck bolster. We had two pairs of visitors attend, both of who got the 50 cent guided tour, along with introductions to the entire work crew.

Paul van Steenberghe led Wes and Austin in the stripping of the top of 470's boiler once again. Today they succeeded in freeing the steam turret and the top of the steam dome, however both items are so heavy, they were left in place until a safe system for bringing them down is in place. At some point in the near future, we will remove the smokebox face and the heavy parts still remaining inside. Peter Violette arrive early and went to work inside the frame, freeing, lubricating and labeling all of 470's brakes mechanism. All these parts will come out and be evaluated for reinstalling or replacement. Peter's research has been invaluable for locating drawings thought to be lost to the ages.

-Dick Glueck, President