Membership Update

Members have wanted to know how well the Amherst Show was to New England Steam. We sold over forty of our "Keep Calm and Steam On" logo tee shirts, sold some wonderful donated memorabilia, buttons, and collectibles, and allowed people to ring #470's bell, allowing them to donate if they chose. The direct memberships and sales of shirts, collectibles, and memorabilia brought in $2,400. The donation jug and the bell ringing brought in an additional $675. This was, by far, the best fundraising activity to date. This is not a precise figure, but in the first two months of active fund raising, New England Steam Corporation has raise slightly more than $10,000 of our $100,000 goal to purchase and move #470. We have three more substantial donations coming in from Maine corporations in the next two weeks.

Broadway Limited Imports, makers of some of the finest model locomotives, has donated a USRA light Pacific, in HO scale, which will be used for fundraising. The model will be detailed as MEC #470, of course, using decals donated by member Jim Abbott, High Ball Graphics, of New Hampshire. 

Our second Indiegogo campaign is nearing launch. We have ticket perks from the WW&F Rwy., Maine Eastern RR., Downeast Scenic RR, and Conway Scenic RR! 

We have tremendous support for our "Touch-a-Train" event in Rockland, on April 12th, hosted at the Maine Eastern roundhouse, in conjunction with Owls Head Transportation Museum's rail fair. A second "Touch-A-Train" is being planned on the Downeast Scenic Railroad, at the Washington Junction rail yard.

The tremendous response we've received to date is the result of individuals, families, and generous Maine corporations, wanting to see #470 preserved, protected, and operational. We have room for you, your business, and any support you can bring forward. None of the Board or staff of New England Steam Corporation takes a salary or reimbursement for planning or work pertaining to Maine Central #470. Every cent goes towards the locomotive.

We have 22 months in which to meet a goal of $100,000 . The sooner this is achieved, the sooner restoration begins on New England's largest remaining steam locomotive, "The Mascot of Maine", Maine Central #470!

New tee-shirts have arrived, in extra large sizes, too! Order online and have yours in a week!