Work Session 4/19/15 & "470 NIGHT" at Governor's

Major accomplishments today, and one major frustration. First the good news. Shawn Melvin and Bob DeWachter worked together to remove the cylinder head cover and Shawn got the nuts free, so the team could open them. The cylinders appeared a bit worse for wear on early inspection, but oil and Bob's motorized brush cleaned them up beautifully. We feel this indicates the worst of possible damage could be a non-issue. Bill Alexander got a number of stuck nuts off and polished up the threads beneath. We removed the pilot from the locomotive and found the pony truck journals to be in good condition, with the single exception that one of four oil cellars was missing probably from her last shop visit. Joe Foley, our heavy-lift engineer, took an ample supply of measurements, still perfecting the best way in which to remove 470 when her turn comes. 

The frustration remains in the form of the wedge inserted between locomotive and tender. Despite some very interesting devices applied to striking it, the wedge would not budge. Stronger measures remain to be taken, and the piece will come free. 

We had a number of visitors, including Mr. Roland Boulette, who actually worked on 470 while she remained in service. He told us a number of stories, including one of a friend who was hit by the locomotive and had steel plates inserted in his wrists to correct the damage.

Wheel stops are going to be put on the track end, and we will soon burn off the nuts welded in place to keep the tender from rolling. That may increase the slack in the connection and help with the wedge issue.

Please join us for "470 Night" at the Governor's Restaurant in Bangor, ME on April 29th from 4PM to 8PM!