Work Session 4/26/15 and "470 Night" at Governor's

We worked at the 470 for another extended day with some wonderful accomplishments. Bob DeWachter was able to burn off the nuts being used as wheel stops behind the tender. While there is no chance of the locomotive rolling, a chain wheels stop was placed on the rail end. Peter and Paul (members, not Apostles) worked on removing the tender wedge and steam booster pipes. Ron was able to clean out a portion of the locomotive stoker, collecting the remaining coal from 470's last service run of the 20th century. Dick and Tom worked on cleaning the crossheads and crosshead guides of dirt and rust. They then used paint solvent and scrapers to remove as much of the paint that had been applied to the pistons as possible, bringing them down to clean, bare metal before heavily oiling them. In some places the paint was 1/16th inch thick. Leverett cleaned and lubed the booster journals, getting most of the corrosion off the sides. Toward the end of the day, Ron continued to attack the stoker covers while Leverett heated the nuts with a torch to loosen them. Finally, we cut free the throttle bar and were able to slightly move the throttle for the first time in 60 years. Everyone in attendance did numerous other chores, helping out the team members.

At the close of the day, our crew ate at Governor's Restaurant, which sponsors our work sessions with complimentary food.

Each work session is exhausting, long, and strains the muscles. Each work session has resulted in a great number of positive leaps forward in prepping 470 for her next trip. Tiring, but most rewarding.

Please join us for "470 Night" at the Governor's Restaurant in Bangor, ME on April 29th from 4PM to 8PM!